Vegetarian Pizza Recipe


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  1. to all the vegans here, stfu it's a vegetarian pizza not a retarded vegan pizza. Fuck out of here with that bs.
    the pizza looks great! I'll be making some this weekend, thanks for the recipe!

  2. You need to list the mozzarella source in order to confirm its vegetarian. You cant just say "fresh mozzarella".  Also, Vegans don't eat dairy, so to me this video is misleading and useless. I know you claim this is a "Vegetarian" pizza, however if it were then Vegans would be able to eat this, and obviously they cannot.  You should've used olive oil instead of sauce and leave the cheese out and you would have a healthy Vegetarian meal. 

  3. Wow, that looks amazing!! I'd like to try but I don't think I could ever make dough like that. I don't have sophisticated kitchen machinery like that!

    I also never thought to turn a cookie sheet upside down for pizza! Duh! Lol! Thanks for the tip!

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