Vegetarian Meatballs | Happy Pear & Tim Shieff | #FoodRevolutionDay


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  1. that looks amazinggggg! i really struggle to find yummy vegan recipes that dont cost me a fortune to make however this looks relatively inexpensive.
    i think im going to make this for dinner tomorrow night! but with a few slices of fried eggplant (aubergine) on the side lol.

  2. Always happy to find a new vegan recipeeeee! Nice to find the happy pear, never seen any of your stuff before but I'm totally getting this. Tim just looks healthier and healthier as time goes on. I've gone from pescatarian to vegetarian in one year and gradually finding enough vegan recipes to start to transition to vegan now. I'm not going to go raw though. Yum yum, trying these 'meatballs' today. X

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