Vegetarian French Onion Soup/Recipe below


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  1. I wanna ask sister if you have any videos on natural menopause helps! I'm currently using bio identical cream compounded by a pharmacy but the hot flashes continue…other than that I don't have any complaints. Blessings and have a wonderful Sabbath and weekend💜

  2. Hi Mama Rosa! I love your videos, I appreciate it you for taking the time and sharing it. I'm just wondering if you heard of Dr. Sebi. If you haven't, you can YouTube him and I promise you gonna love him.

  3. Hello Chef Mama Rosa, I recently found your channel and subscribed to it a couple of months ago. I simply love your videos and recipes and French onion soup is my absolutely favorite soup in the entire Universe! Can you please share the brand of chef's knife you used in this video? I wasn't able to catch the name. I have one more request and that is if you would ever consider making a video of your cooking background, how you got started, etc. and how you came to be a chef, and why you became vegan. I have found myself wondering about that from time to time watching your videos because my hobby is cooking too. I think other people would love to know about this also. Thank you so much for sharing your videos with the world! Take Care! A loyal subscriber…xoxo

  4. Hi Chef Mama Rosa! I love your channel and subscribed a couple of months ago. I didn't catch the name of the chef's knife you featured during this video. Can you please us know own what brand it is? Thanks so much for all the great recipes and tips you pass on to us, you are a wealth of information. I can't wait for your cookbook to come out!

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