Vegetarian Chinese Spring Onion & Spinach Pancake Recipe!


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  1. What can I use in place of black vinegar if I don't have access to any?

    Also, I'd like to suggest jian bing. I've requested it of other channels, and just about every time I come across "you need the right tools for this, but here is our take", and it never quite comes out right. So obviously I need the right tools, but I don't have them. What gets me as close to street jian bing without having the right tools? I'm so anxious to try it!!!

  2. I noticed you used the entire pancake in one motion to cook it. Would it not have been easier to have maybe quartered the cake. Then placed into the wok ? At least it might have been easier to manage

  3. It's called a paratha in Hindi in India, spring onion spinach paratha. When you swirled it and flattened it that outcome is called lachha paratha, where lachha means a layers.

  4. wow a different kick ~ i do make different thing from pan cake mix, like wrap hot dogs franks, and things but never this ~ Amazing ~ VERY COOL LEE Oh they call me JR short for Junior

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