Vegetarian Baked Taquitos – Vegetarian Recipes – Weelicious


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  1. I would make a green or red salsa , chopped some lettuce, shredded some fresh Mexican cheese and sour cream and just pour on top of the tacos after been baked. Salsa first fallow by the lettuce, cheese and sour cream.

  2. I am searching for exiting lose weight vegetarian dishes which doesn't have any carb inside (i.e: bread, pasta, potato, rice, cheese), if any one knows I appreciate it to give me a link or sth ^-^

  3. Catherine, why always you get to take to another level any recipe? It´s so yummy the result with only a few ingredients! I could add something green, like kale with a touch of sea salt and lemon juice and zest.

    Happy day Catherine!

    Do more snaps please. I love them!


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