Vegetable With Chicken I Bangladeshi Chinese Recipe


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  1. this looks delicious. I also tried the Roshogolla recipe by your channel. It turned out to be quite good for an amateur cook like me 😀 thank you! but how did you make the chicken stock? does it contain salt in it too?

  2. your clips are short & to the point and food are delicious & healthy , very well presented . In this day & age who has the LOONG time to spare .keep up the good work

  3. Awesome recipe. Keep up the good work. I am gonna release some new recipes soon too. Lets make ppl aware that cooking for themselves is better than prepackaged stuff from the supermarkets.

  4. A few questions: what temperature heat should I cook this recipe in (medium heat? High heat?). How much water will I need to mix the 1Tbsp corn starch? And this recipe shown will yield how many servings (can feed how many people)? Thanks for answering.

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