Vegetable Soup Recipe Video – How to Make Healthy Vegetable Soup at Home – Easy & Simple


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  1. One of the worst recipe of vegetable soup. How can you adding vegetables without roasting them in pan. Using of corn flour to make thick not a healthy way. Make soup thick naturally. Tomato puree also no good use fresh tomato instead

  2. @2:55 hey man im from florida so i know what i’m doing and i don’t appreciate that cut alright we want it au naturale not like this western philosophy bull. we want aristotle. just so u believe me- i got sick like two weeks ago. so i kinda know what i’m talking abt. i eat CHHHHHHUMus. and i have people who i know and they eat chHhHhHhHUMMUS too. we don’t play around. do u know those packs with the little chummus and the bagel bites? what i’m saying is not enough bagel bites. surplus of chummus. fix it https//.com do you know how internet works? also do you know where my dad is

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