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  1. I am new to this lifestyle. And I am learning so much from your channel. I am from the BayArea (Berkeley) and you remind me so much of some of the hippies I grew up around as a small child. Your love of life and appreciation for the earth and all she has to offer is beautiful. As a black woman who has lived on soul food, chinese food,mexican food, and plain old greasy fast food for 41years this is a new journey for me. I am so glad I found your channel.

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  3. Im just finding it really hard to pay attention to what he is saying im too busy looking at his 6 pack. Please put a shirt on next time so i dont have to watch this video 8 times

  4. Lmfao, this dude got that cool Hippie Swag, he said" I don't walk on water, ya know?" Digging this video though, I'm trying to eat raw veggie, and need recipes and how to do this right…

  5. You made me laugh so hard when you were talking about the raw coconut macaroons (I think?) and you did that funny it's like crack motion. HAHAHA
    anyway, question: in other videos you say at times you are off of fat, why is that? Don't you need healthy fats like avocados?

  6. Wonderful video! btw my sister used this well known fat loss program known as: Fat 360 Nuke and decreased 14 pounds in a month. I do not remember the website just Google it.

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