Vegetable Cutlets – Indian Appetizer Recipe


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  1. what are the ingredients in chaat masala ? is this another name for Garam masala? Thanks for inviting us into your kitchen for a cookery lesson, cant wait to try out your recipe for myself The patties look really delicious

  2. @San802k
    The mixed veggies were not boiled. Usually, frozen veggies, especially when you chop them up like we did, cook very fast. Regarding the cutlets breaking, try a starchier potato like russet for more binding powder.

  3. Hi ladies
    Thank you very much for the simple receipe..
    I was just wondering if the mixed veggies that you used were boiled before you grated them. Also I had pressure cooked all veggies together and I found it very hard to turn them around when I tried to fry them as they kept breaking 🙁


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