Vegetable Clear Soup Recipe – Simple Easy & Healthy Vegetable Clear Soup -How to make Veg Clear Soup


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  1. I prepared it today without magic cube and it was yum. And I added a lil bit of Knor hot & sour soup powder too,it enhanced its taste
    But this soup can cause bloating,may be because of the vegetables. Every one who had this suffered from gastric problem till the next day.

  2. oh my damn Apne jaso Banaya to usme Aap Jo bol rahe hain Kabhi English mein bolte hain Kabhi Hindi mai Bahut Yaad to English bolo ya to Hindi hai bolo samaj mein nahi aata aapko Baat aisa bhi aap bahut accha Banaya Hai thank you naya saal ka aapka bahut bahut dhanyavad

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