Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe | Italian Soup


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  1. Vincenzo, fatteli un po' di carboidrati, che deperisci altrimenti ! 😀 😀 😀 😛
    Anche mia nonna faceva così il minestrone, ma sono riuscita a terrorizzarla, niente pasta o riso, solo pane bruschettato, io voglio il "minestrone!!!!", non mi fregate aggiungendo la pasta!! 😀

    Ps. ahahah, tu che tiri, fantastico, ahahahahah! 

  2. It looks  truly delicious +Vincenzos Plate ! well done n i love this kind of cooking..i was just imagining when someone will dip the bread in that soup how amazing it will be..n when i saw u doing that..well do i need to say im hungry! plus lunch time is here now..hahah. i think im gonna make soon the minestrone  soup..good video mate:)
    oh btw thanks to ur crew who stirred the dish while u slept;)hahh 
    my fav veg in this was the cauliflower..i luv it

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