Vegetable Au Gratin | Shilpa Shetty Kundra | Healthy Recipes | The Art Of Loving Food


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  1. Regarding the top angle camera, we faced technical glitches on this shoot. It was too late by the time we realized it, so went ahead and posted it. Will try and post a white sauce recipe with the process soon.
    Thank you for your feedback.. I’m just glad you are watching ❤🤗
    Thank you for all your feedback.

  2. 2 things
    1. complain to log aise kar rahe hai camera man ke baare mein jaise jaake banane waale hain. chill people, if you want to learn recipes, learn theml from the maestros. Shilpa has put in a lot of effort in this channel, and I respect that, but I am not, like many others, tempted to replicate a single one of them because they just dont look enticing enough. so chill with the complains.
    2. WTF is that music at 1:30. O.O..O..O.O.O.O.O like a donkey having a bad dream.

  3. There is no comment reaction from Shilpa shetty.why do people follow this cuking show where a content creator doesn't not want interact with their follower.some people are great chutiya cause India p Bollywood wale bhagwan h,BC cuisine ki Rani h Kiya?

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