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  1. It's interesting, you and hot for food are kind of opposite conceptually. She's about being creative and resourceful on the spot, while you're more about being prepared in advance so you don't have to do all that thinking in the moment. Both are very important skills to learn depending on context.

  2. Oh yeah it is cheap. I have never thought of cooking w green apple as a sour dish. Rose, you are so britliant about making this nugget w the sour apple and soy sauce/sugar miture, and frozen vege. I have some green snap peas that I need to freeze then add it later to a fry like you have here. I am going to mark this to see later. both you and Viet Vegan are supper dupper. Yeah

  3. Agave instead of sugar cause it's sweeter and you could have used less (but if it's not vegan then ok! I'm still learning ; A; ) and you could have used the breadcrumbs in the tofu rice mix to make it less wet! lol but damn that sauce looks good. I'm gonna try it out.

  4. This was great, I was so happy. You both did such a good job. Maybe a live one some day? Rose, you can replace John, for challenges? Isn't this what we all do? Look at what we have and make something. I am not as fearless as you so I salute you.

  5. lentils
    -blended, adding extra rice and mixing
    -adding, paprika, onion, garlic, soysauce, little olive oil

    -coat in half and half mix of potatostarch and flour

    deep fry.

    That's the recipe for the little mush thingys 😊

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