Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe – Vegan Italian Appetizer Recipes


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  1. Persimmons are ripe when they're REALLY soft like they feel like they're gonna burst when you pick them up, they one of my favorite fruits. When ripe they're amazingly sweet and addicting!

  2. i dnt ususally make the traditional vegan lasagna i make a cashew creme sauce and to that i sauce i add in alot of vegetables, bell peppers, eggplant and i put starches yams and potatoes on the inside along with inions and garlic of course, i make sure the cream sauce is sweet and i layer it. seems weird maybe ? but it is delicious to me. different than the red lasagna sauce. ..

  3. You know, that's not really a joke, because vegans can get vitamin B12 from not washing veggies too much. We need B12 sometimes because omnivores get it from animals and we can't. It really comes from bacteria, and the bacteria are in all that dirt that you wash off! (The animals eat the dirt, and that's where omnivores get theirs – second hand.)

  4. OMG!! I just made these…. They are delicious!!!! Best vegan recipe I have ever tasted!!! I am not even going to say how many of these I just ate,! Thank you sweetest vegan for this recipe!!!

  5. Today is Thanksgiving and I'm here in Hong Kong. We're both from New Orleans and I loved your tutorial. So good.

    What to use for cheese in the lasagna would be nutritional yeast (it doesnt rise) tastes just like cheese. Also, you can get soy cheese to put on top to have that cheesy look. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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