Vegan Steak Recipe | How To


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  1. I was skeptical at the beginning of the video, not gonna lie that bean mixture looked nasty asf😂 but by the end of the video my stomach was growling! I would have liked to see you guys try a bite on camera so I can get a guess for the texture. But this looks like it would taste good I think I'll try it sometime

  2. I wanna be vegan but my mom won't even let me be vegeterian…when i tell her i wanna be vegeterian she starts screaming,crying,freaking out! She's crazy! Ughh i hate her! She also talks too much DX

  3. I had no idea seitan was so easy to make!! Thank you so much for making this video. I subbed and can’t wait to make this along with more of your recipes!!

  4. It's not beef so dont call it steak. Heres proof the human mind is predestined to eat what's most beneficial. All vegans do it!!! This derived from that because the original version was grester for our human need. Better fuel, less time fueling. If I spent this much time in a kitchen I'd want speed the process up by not eating what my body needs too. Keep up on the makeup honey, your not too pale. Yet.

  5. So Im thinking of going vegan and your steaks look sooo yummy however is there a different way to cook them other than frying….. I dont really eat fried food….. Any ideas would help… Thanks

  6. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you. I tried it and it came out perfectly. You are making my vegan transtition much easier. I look forward to trying your other video's. Your are appreciated.

  7. That’s your boy
    And I’m going to try that vegan steak for sure
    I can have meat
    But I need to be cognizant to how much
    So I try not to have it everyday and not every meal
    Thank u for the vegan steak

  8. I just made this two days ago. I was so excited how they came out! The steaks were eaten so fast by my family, that I forgot to snap them. Thx sooooooo much for your recipes. You rock!👍

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