VEGAN SCHOOL & WORK LUNCH RECIPES #2 | Healthy & Easy (Oil Free, GF)


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  1. Tess thank you for your content! I've just began my vegan journey and it's all thanks to your comforting and inspiring videos! I have pretty good knowledge of nutrition, but my only question is do you always track your macros? I've noticed that being vegan tends to up your carb intake to ensure plenty of calories to avoid undereating, any tips on how you manage your carbs/macros?

  2. hey tess! just wondering for the noodles, if i make it the night before, would the sauce make the noodles soggy, or would you recommend me to prep everything and assemble the morning of?

  3. I love your videos Tess💕 I was wondering how you deal with your period and cramps when you're on it. Do you exercise or do yoga? Just curious cause I'm not sure what to do whenever I'm on my monthly 😕

  4. Girl you gotta work on that spring roll rolling technique. I recommend not having it so soggy when you start, you only out it in hot water for a couple seconds as it softens up on its on. And perhaps bigger papers?

  5. so funny when people think veganism is expensive, lol. went to the store today and got 2 lemons, a zucchini, cilantro, chickpeas, black beans, a pepper & tofu for $7. whereas meat, cheese, & milk would definitely add up to more…? plant-based is the best option for health, ethics, and economics & you feel amazing! ❤

  6. My mouth start to salivating even all of this food are so healthy good for our body but it just looks so so mouth watering especially the rolls w/ peanut sauce.Tess,I'm just want thx u with all heart by sharing your healthy recipe with us.😍😘❤

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