Vegan Recipe: Pulled Pork Sandwich – Vegetarian | The Edgy Veg


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  1. If you do not already have a network TV show, I insist that someone give you one! There needs to be VEGAN programming in this Millennial-foodie-bacon-with-everything-dominated world!

  2. is jackfruit super sweet? tried a pulled pork sandwich made with jackfruit at a restaurant and it was kind of sweet. Could it have been the sauce?

  3. I live in semi-northern Arizona, about an hour or two south of Flagstaff. There are NO places within even a three mile drive to get jackfruit. It's hella expensive to order online, at like $6 a can plus shipping but I want to try this so that I have more sandwich options for lunch. Any suggestions,?

  4. Watching this while eating a 24oz rib-eye. Best idea ever plus it was medium rare which just melted on my tongue. Tasted like god touched my tongue with his Holy Dick.

  5. Wow! I made this for supper tonight and I am blown away at how authentic it is! My husband's family is in the BBQ business and he never was fond of it…the pork was gross to him…but he really liked it! I am a pretty new vegan and I am so happy that I found your channel. Subscribed : )

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