Vegan Recipe: Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich | The Edgy Veg


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  1. Your intro what's terrible. It's a good thing we live in a country where we can all voice our opinion and right for free speech. No matter how stupid it may seem to others. people

  2. Sooo I made this and I didn't expect anything from it but wow!! It was pretty good for vegan meat.. I only did the breading though and I used tomato sauce as my egg replacer because that's just what I had… I'm not vegan but I try to stick to a vegan diet so I'm a pretty harsh critic when it comes to the meat stuff so this is legit especially if you haven't had actual meat in a while… I used veggie roses steak seitan btw

  3. Chik-fil-A has donated millions of dollars to groups that oppose same-sex marriage. They co-sponsored a conference against striking down California's Prop 8 – the state ban on gay marriage (later struck down as unconstitutional). Chik-fil-A's CEO said those who support same sex marriage were "inviting God's judgment on our nation". They have donated to multiple groups which support gay conversion therapy – a practice which has been proven to be ineffective, dangerous, and harmful. They have donated millions to certified hate group Family Research Council – which says that gay people should be exported from the U.S, maintains that homosexuality should be criminalized, equated homosexuals with pedophiles, and paid $82,500 to use KKK Grand Wizard David Duke's phone bank for an election run-off. Chik-fil-A asks about marital status and church involvement in job interviews, and fired a Muslim employee in 2002 for religious discrimination when he did not join in a group prayer to Jesus. Chik-fil-A has been sued over a dozen times for employment discrimination. The owners of this restaurant are hateful bigots and corporate bullies, top to bottom.

  4. Do you use organic ingredients? Do you use vegetables and plants that are ethically treated and grown? Do you grow them yourself? Do you think that plants are not alive vs animals?
    I think the most vegan counterculture is misguided and elitist, so this is why I ask these questions.
    I am not vegan.

  5. They don't have homophobia. It's theirs and my religion. Them not wanting to support anything that supports gay rights doesn't mean their homophobic, it means it goes against their core beliefs. Should you have to do everything you don't believe in? And if you don't do everything you don't believe in, should you be mocked? Your opinion is your opinion…but I feel it's deeply lacking in education of the Christian belief. Jesus sat down with sinners…but he didn't entertain the sin. ANY gay person's would be welcomed with arms stretched wide at a Chick-fil-A..that doesn't mean Chick-fil-A has to agree with the sin to love them or anyone else. Blessings.

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