Vegan Pumpkin Curry & Jeera Rice | Shilpa Shetty Kundra | Payasa | Healthy Recipes


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  1. It's annoying lots of people are giving negative feedback here like they r chef n they can cook better or they r some kind of celebrity whatever if u guys do not like it than plz do not watch it being a celebrity sharing her secret recipes it's commendable ur recipes are quite short n good,some comments r really funny what people think in 5 minutes recipe shilpa mam will show how to boil pumpkin also n how to chop them hehehe

  2. I like ur recipes being an actress sharing ur recipes with ur fans is great n u r the most fittest actress in Bollywood whenever u share recipes it means it must be tasty, healthy with low calorie.Perfect for fitness freak people like me 😉

  3. now a days people eating all trash foods road side foods are very dangerous and junk foods people not eating high fiber foods they are eating a trash and rushing to hospitals like any thing how to control junk foods and road side food and restaurants food can u give me the correct suggestions to control outsidefood which it leads to serious disease like diabetes heart attack thyroid problems and changes in hormones level in the body can u give me the correct suggestions in changing of eating habits

  4. hiiii Shilpa Shetty mam I like your all healthy recipe dishes which are very beneficial to health now a days the eating habits are changing eating lot of junk foods and highfat dairy products and outsidesnacks and mainly biryanis this food is useless to body mam your recipes are good healthy tasty and improves your immune system and lot of health benefits Iam a biochemistry student mam I want suggestions from u how to eat how much to eat and how to satisfy our hunger in evenings and evening snack recipes and tell me about high protein diet foods and mamsuggest me how to reduce my belly fat through yoga

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