Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwiches


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  1. I was excited to try this recipe but then I was disappointed when I didn’t.

    Cooking time to have it simmer was off, so it took me longer and then when it was time to eat, all I was able to taste were the spices.

    I wasted my time and my money.

  2. You are defying god by going vegan,humans are omnivores and by going vegan you are going against gods will so anyone who is vegan does not Think God Exists
    Besides,animals do not have souls like humans and god has made it where we need them to survive,im not agreeing to torcuring animals but its not bad to eat them for food because that is the main purpose that animals where put on this earth for

  3. Why is everyone so triggered about the name being "vegan pulled pork"? It still has vegan in the name right? Besides it's better than saying pulled Jack fruit sandwich

  4. Lol… Jackfruit being used as meat substitute is old news in the Philippines… What I don't understand is why used a ripe jackfruit for the recipe?! Unripened ones are supposed to be the ones used for cooking savoury dishes while the ripe ones are to be used for sweet dishes, it's practically common sense. Don't tell that you don't know that it is ripe coz hello the fleshy part is yellow in colour and every Asian will agree for the matter, although some will argue that it was semi-ripe. And seriously don't call it vegan just because you used a fruit for the matter when if you actually discarded so much of the edible it's edible part. If you've only used the unripe ones the you will have less to discard although it's trickier to prepare. Also, is roasting the only cooking method you people in tasty know for cooking seeds? You people in Tasty don't do proper research on food you deemed as exotic. It may be exotic to you people but not to the rest of the world.

  5. Can someone explain to me why shortening "alternative vegan ingredients to pork" to "vegan pork" is such a fail or whatever?? No one seems to care when we do the same thing with vegan cheese and vegan milk, but why is it such an issue with vegan meats? Like, yeah, it's vegan pork. It's a vegan version of pork due to their similar natures. It's a pork alternative. Vegan pork. It's pretty clear, yes?

    No, it's not just a jackfruit sandwich, because it is quite literally meant to imitate pulled pork as similarly as conveniently possible. It's a vegan pulled pork sandwich with jackfruit being the substitute. "Jackfruit sandwich that tastes just like pulled pork but isn't pulled pork" is a bit of a mouthful.

  6. Should have told them it was vegan at first, what if someone has an allergy to one of the ingredients? And of course it tastes like actual pulled pork, it's been slathered in enough sauce to drown a man and has been baked beyond recognition!

  7. Man thx for making this vid I'm only a kid and I'm a vegan i know how to cook so I can Probualy make this and I'm not the only vegan I'm my house so thx for the vid I'm 12

  8. I just made this dish and i think i should have used a non-ripe jackfruit because it was too sweet..too soft..and you can totally tell it was tastes like mushy jackfruit with bbq sauce…so perhaps if anyone want to tried this recipe then make it with a jackfruit that is not ripe yet

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