VEGAN PHO Vietnamese Noodle Soup RECIPE


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  1. I recently stumbled upon your channel and I'm sure glad I did! This Pho looks so amazing- I'm about as far from Asian as you can get, but your instructions are great and I feel like I could totally make this! I watched the collab video in which Vegan Lovlie made this Pho and after watching your video as well, I'm dying to try it out… Now the problem will be finding the ingredients in Manitoba..

  2. Quick tip for peeling a chayote: before you peel it, cut it in half, then put the two halves back together and rub them against each other, this will eliminate all the "glue" that's in the chayote. After you do this a couple of times (rub them together then rinse it), you can peel it with no "glue" problem. πŸ™‚

  3. I'm binge watching your videos and speaking about Pho, have you tried Tien Hiang restaurant in Paris? It's a 99% vegan Asian restaurant. It's the only Pho I have ever tried, never had the real bone stuff haha.

  4. chayote looks a little like what in brazil we call chuchu. is a sligtly sweet and watery vegetable, very tasty. dont know wheter those might be from the same family

  5. This isn't Pho by any definition. Don't get me wrong, it is likely a delicious vegetable soup but calling it something it isn't is misleading.

    That said, I'm looking forward to making this.

  6. Thanks for all the great ideas !! I've been to Vietnam 10 times and yeah I ate beef noodle pho there and in the US a bazillion times. Went vegan 7 months ago and I constantly wonder how I'm going to eat on my next trip to Vietnam. I'm going to try to make something similar to your vegan pho. I juice once or twice a week so I might be able to make a good vegan pho base by juicing as well. Cheers !!

  7. Hmmm…didn't know you are in Toronto.Hello from Scarborough!!.I tried your veg banh mi sandwich,turned out something like the banh mi they used to sell at Spadina.The signature carrot pickle and fresh coriander taste is addictive!

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