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  1. 祝福你!! That chili oil will do it to ya everytime. BTW, I noticed in the last few vlogs where you eat noodles, you don't eat them Asian style. Generally speaking, most Asians don't bite the noodle off because it's a symbol of long life, and to bite it is to cut life short. I lived with an Asian guy during college and I still eat them the way he did. (Also got to enjoy lots of really great authentic Chinese fare!)

  2. I tried the recipe and I really enjoyed preparing it and it came out to be so prefect and yummy . It made me feel like a pro with full confidence 😃😃 Thank you so much for the recipes and making them so easy

  3. Easy and delicious 👍👍👍

    Mr. Wil, there is also vegan that don't eat something onion, garlic, etc, some for medical reason or side effect of those ingredients.

    May I ask recipe that don't use that ingredients or what we can do if we doesn't use these ingredients.

    Thank You

  4. Great recipes… But the overuse of "incredible", "amazing" … Blah blah in evey episodes EVERY time, makes me want to.turn off the sounds.
    After 3 Episodes it's getting stupid.

  5. Hi, I would like to have you on my podcast as a guest to educate audience about Ramen, Can you please! My email is can you please get in touch! I speacilize in helping people transition to plant based!! Want people to learn how to add flavor and how satisfying ramen based meal is going to be ! 🙏🏽Your content so valuable and worth spreading, I have been a big fan of your book!

  6. Just watched and realized i had everything on hand so i made it for lunch. It was so good. I didn't have chili oil so i mixed in some thai chili paste with the peanut butter and used Ramin noodles. DELICIOUS!!!

  7. Yum, I just made this! Couple of things I did differently based on what I had in my garden/on hand: Broccoli instead of mushrooms and bamboo, smoked paprika and chili flakes instead of the chili oil (although I am definitely going to make that sometime!!) then I added some more peanut butter, and topped with cilantro . Otherwise stuck to the recipe. It was definitely delish!! I love this channel…

  8. I was always wondering why dry Udon noodles are so thin. When you're buying fresh Udon they are around three times thicker. Does the thick ones exist at all in a dry version?

  9. The pleasure is ours,hope we dont have to wait too long for the second cook book,please include matcha cheesecake and Cantonese Singapore noodles…we love noodles but being Vegans…hard to get some authentic recipe…so thank you..

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