Vegan Panna Cotta Recipe – Vegan Dessert Recipes – Italian Dessert


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  1. Going to make it today ^_^. When I first googled recipes for panna cotta I was pretty bummed to find out dairy products being used. Thanks to your video now I don't have to use diary product =). Thank you.

  2. Rena, you should do your research and realize that the Dairy Association is putting out false reports that soy is unhealthy. I have been consuming soy products for 21 years, have spoken with several different doctors – Soy is a super-food! It's idiotic to claim that a plant that has been consumed for thousands of years is going to kill people. You can believe what you want, read what you want, but diary products have been shown to increase cancer risk, cholesterol, etc. Not soy. 🙂

  3. hey wats wrong lieking with soy stuff ? if ur gonna listen to and believe all the trash out there nowadays then you might as well be living under a waterfall and eat pickled ice cubes all day

  4. I make one with gelatin, milk and coconut milk, I haven't quite perfected it yet. Have you ever tried lemon rind in there ? It cuts through the coconut flavor nicely. You can sift it out with the agar agar flakes but personally I like the little zesty chunks through the soft panacottta haha.

  5. Also, how do you soften agar agar? I have been trying to do that for ages because I love gelatin, but I would love to to eat agar agar instead due to how much healthier it is, but I have such a hard time getting used to the texture.

  6. I'm flabbergasted at how much soy product you continue to use. For heaven's sake, DO YOUR RESEARCH, DARLIN'. You're killing yourself with that deadly "non food". You go vegan, then poison yourself with soy! Crazy!!! Suggest you read THE WHOLE SOY STORY by K. Daniel, PhD, CCN

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