Vegan Meatloaf Recipe (GLUTEN-FREE) The Vegan Zombie


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  1. I don't have worcestershire sauce or any kind of vinegar… I'm just not gonna use it and see how it comes out.. (I might use soy sauce, lol) I don't have all the spices either, but I can substitute. I have the most important parts at least, millet, potatoes, onions, garlic, veggie broth, and ketchup. Gonna try to make this oil free too.

  2. Making this tonight…. subbing quinoa <3 sounds delish. thanks for the recipe… I got the book I was looking at this recipe and was wondering if quinoa would work…. thanks to the commenters lol.

  3. I just made it. I added 4 mushrooms and 1 small carrot… I obtained a loaf double the size of yours lol. I guess it'll be enough for 2 day. I didn't have ketchup ready so I used BBQ I had. Definitely I'll do it again.

  4. Did anyone replace the Millet with something else? I have no Millet and I want to make this this weekend. My caregiver is off the rest of today and tomorrow so I can't get anywhere.

  5. i been a vegan now for 1 month and i already lost 9 pounds :). Vegan enchiladas,vegan gyro & in the raw carrot cake has to be the best vegan food i have had so far. I love watching the vegan zombie,jon has inspired me to go vegan from the start and i am glad i did..i cannot wait to try this in a few days

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