Vegan Meal Prep + Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas


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  1. Do you have to heat the buddha bowls or are they good if you eat them at room temperature since they are put together. Unless I carry separate containers to work and put them together after heating? I think I am making this more complicated than what it needs to be smh

  2. I enjoy foods from the best of both worlds..aka vegan and normal eating ..aka wiw (whatever I want)…but the days when I crave heavy starch foods aka fries and burger buns..I run to fries nacho plate aka…nachos but with fries…my 3 yr old eats every bit…I use vegan chz, regular black beans and whatever toppings that are veggies. More people need to try vegan/ vegetarian plates there really not that different. ..change the meat and the bread and your winning…Follow me Frugalizingyourlifestyle….I'm new to yt but I'm packed with a lot of sources.

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  3. I never thought to meal prep enchiladas! That and the curry are certainly coming up on my menu. The Buddha bowl id probably put the arugula in a removable container so I could warn it:

  4. I LOVE your channel   When Is your book coming out?  Maybe you could get on the Steve Harvey Show.  I have envisioned you spreading joy — since I found your 3 years ago.  Perhaps your appearance on the Today show – could land you new TV appearances.  I know Al Roker loved your recipes.  You are a wonderful person – full of knowledge.  Making a difference in this world.

  5. I definitely want to become a vegan you make some really delicious meals that are healthy and you won't feel bad about cause I'm getting tired of eating chicken 🍗 . All these prep meals look delicious 😋

  6. You are one of the attractive Vegans because normally, I see Vegans that look Barbric on YouTube.

    Just because you are Vegan does not mean you should let go of your looks.

  7. This is the best vegan meal prep video I've seen so far. Everything look absolutely incredible. I will do everything for sure. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing ideas =)

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