Vegan Lunch & Dinner Ideas! {High Carb, Low Fat}


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  1. Yuck! All this food looks like crap. I just love my high fat low carb caveman life style. Nothing I like more than dead animals and vegetables on my plate for optimal health. I just love using my incisor teeth to rip flesh from the bone and then using my flat teeth to grind veggies. Being an omnivore is awesome. Just the way evolution shaped us.

  2. hey marrisa ! i dont know if youre vegan for ethical reasons, but i thought i would just tell you quick that kikkoman (soy sauce) test on animals πŸ™‚ just incase you didnt know ,love your vids xxx

  3. I think what you did here was wonderful but sweetie I'm a little worried about you accidentally cutting yourself some day. Please place a damp towel under your cutting board? It'll help hold it in place so you won't accidentally slip and chop your fingers. And of course, thank you for the video!

  4. So you added no salt or oil to the rice right? I don't know my mom said a rice without oil doesn't taste so great lol I'm kind of scared to try it myself but awesome video πŸ™‚ so happy I came across your channel XD

  5. All your ideas are great. I'm eating the rice and cucumber mix as I type this….YUM. Wondering if you plan your week of eating, or just cook as you go? Thanks

  6. Thank you so much, this helped me a lot with some ideas. My main problem is lunch. I'm not really a salad eater, so it's always hard for me to find fast and easy meals to make Especially if it's a busy week

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