VEGAN Low Carb/Keto Dinner Recipes


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  1. I have heard two Americans say cilantro today in cooking videos
    what even is that. Searched it up and the rest of the world calls cilantro, coriander
    wow there you go, learn something new everyday

  2. I obviously must not get what a keto diet is because what in the spring roll made it too high in carbs? The vegetables? The tofu? I definitely could not follow a keto diet!

  3. Love it, keep these coming please! I had an injury 3 years ago and since then Ive gained 30lbs. My husband is a vegetarian and I only cook vegetarian meals at home. Ive been wanting to do keto but Im having such a hard time finding ideas for foods my husband and I can both enjoy.

  4. Thanks!! So helpfull. I am lacking creativity lately.. i wish I could eat cauliflower but I will fart myself to death if I even eat a little bit, will try with brocolli. You’re the best❤️

  5. i frickin love those soy beans unfortunately they are kinda pricey (for beans), but they make the dopest refried beans AND hummus, seriously make hummus with them! I add tahini, garlic, fresh parsley and seasoning and its so good

  6. These look really tasty😍🤤I just have one question for people who eat a keto diet. How are you not hungry?😩I feel like I could eat all of these in one meal and still have some room😂I’m genuinely curious. I can’t stand being hungry. We all got stuff to do, the last thing I want to think about is being hungry:))

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