Vegan Lasagne Recipe


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  1. Wow! Just finished making and eating this! Absolutely delicious, what an awesome recipe, so easy to make and amazing flavour. The only difference I had was I opted for nutritional yeast instead of vegan cheese and it worked a charm, this recipe has the approval of two very happy vegans here!

  2. It’s amazing how vegan food is crafted and created a different way but still reaches the same or similar results as cooking it traditionally without animal cruelty and better for health and environment. I love learning and watching vegan recipes! Thank you!

  3. Hi Barry, nice recipe! I really like that you are trying vegan recipes now😁 I'm not vegan or vegetarian but i like to try everything!! In this video you've really fulfilled my OCD by adding extra lasagna leaves on the sides😂 and I'm wondering if I'm the only person who NEVER EVER EVER check the website for the recipe…? If i don't know how much your adding… ill just put in what i think will work😂😜😀 And ALMOST EVERY TIME i nailed it😁😍 But again thank you for this recipe and i will definitely try this!! Greets to your fam❤

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