Vegan Kimchi


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  1. This is the most amazing recipe video! I made it with regular cabbage and regular dried dried hot pepper flakes and it was so successful! Your recipes are so easy to duplicate even when I don’t have the exact same ingredients. Thank you 🙏 for sharing

  2. 2 beautiful box of just made kimchi is sitting on my counter. Thank you for the recipe, I tasted the raw kimchi, and it is awesome, can't even imagine how good it will get after fermentation! Even now it is so different from any store bought kimchi, that I don't even have words to express it! Can't wait, until it gets sour, so I can finally eat my fill with kimchi jeon and kimchi jjigae! Thank you!!!

  3. Hi loved your recipe idea. Just 2questions:
    1) can we just use rice powder.. it's hard to get the kind of mushroom and the other ingredients here.
    2) persimmon are also hard to get.. can we remove it from the recipe or is there a replacement for it.

  4. 안녕하세요? 이렇게 댓글을 달게 될줄이야,,,,비디오 영상은 잘 보고 있어요, 한가지 질문이,,,외국에서 살고 있어 홍시 구하기가 쉽지 않네요 홍시 대신 사용하는 재료가 있을까해서요 몹시 김치가 먹고 싶은 밤이네요 ㅎㅎ 감사합니다

  5. This is awesome!! I’m so excited 😆 another youtuber shout you out name Mikko yum yum!!!! she’s awesome as well! Kimchi is best thing ever from Korean culture. Persimmons are a vegans best friend! I watch another Asian Queen 👸🏻 name mannghchi she cooks a lot of home 🏠 cooked Korean dishes alot! Tfs love 💕

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