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  1. Hey, Rose, try Chinese real hot pot “broth block”, it sells in Chinese market or Asian market, it’s super good! We usually eat that with sesame paste sauce or try Laoganma(it’s vegan) with black vinegar sauce(I made this my own), with green onion and cilantro~ and for veggies you can add potato, fried tofu, I’m not sure if you have ever freeze the tofu, it will be like a sponge, super good!~ just some ideas!

  2. New sub 👋 love your channel. Been trying to convert to vegan, I'm the family's biggest carnivore. I think I just found my inspiration 💖👐😇 Thank you

  3. rose idk if your going to read this but where did you get your korean stuff from? what store? ive been trying to find some of those ingredients for a while in calgary but not sure 🙂

  4. Stupid question, but how dangerous would this be with a child at the table? This looks so delicious and I'd love to try it with my family, but I'm just worried about my son burning himself lol. Or do we just put it far enough from him that he can't touch it and just serve him a bowl? How do they do it in Asia?! Lol

  5. Oddly enough, there are SO many standards of etiquette that fall to the trash in this video BUT, this style of eating might just be exciting enough to motivate my children to eat more veggies. Hmmmm. Maybe we should just pull up some chairs beside the stove.

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