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  1. It's kind of pointless to use the powdered peanut butter to eliminate fat and then use coconut oil, which is very unhealthy. I don't know who started this whole 'coconut oil is healthy' thing.

  2. It is a lot less fool proof if you microwave the chocolate at 30-second intervals, stirring in between each zap, then you don't over cook the chocolate making it thick. Also adding a tsp of milk helps as well if you don't want to add more oil!

  3. i recently ordered some solgar vitamins from iherb (before this video was out) and i am very disappointed. they never mentioned that i d have to pay more for delivery than i expected. so on website i spent around 26 pounds (i live in the UK) for the product itself and around 10 pounds for the delivery, which is expensive but it s still cheaper than on other websites. and then after it turned up i had to pay 18 pounds more for delivery. so i was really disappointed because i m a broke student and now i have to eat pasta on its own until i get some money. so please be careful when ordering from that website and even if they dont mention i d suggest you email them first and ask whether they ll charge you additional 50% of the total only cos of delivery. so yh, be careful. product itself is good, i m happy. packaging was wrecked though but oh well.

  4. I happen to have all the ingredients soooo….definitely making this. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe Rose. Love you bunches…… Marissa in Connecticut.

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