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  1. Flax seed gel… BRILLIANT! I'm so going to try this.. French toast is an absolute favorite of mine.. this is more than I could have wished for.. thank you Mama Rosa.. God Bless you!

  2. Rosa you had asked grandaughter for her honest opinion
    She stated it was good,you then replied is it like your mama's she replied NO
    you intercepted and tried to correct her why?,you said yes it is with no egg
    Being humble patient and respecting other people's opinions is a great virtue.


  3. Loved the video!!! Though I have to say, you seemed a bit too harsh with the little boy when you were telling him to slow down 'cause he chewed too fast. He was excited to eat his French Toast Mama Rosa!

  4. It looks soo good. I'm allergic to so many things food, medicine I also no longer drink milk and eggs, pork and fish . Wish you were my grandma love your channel. 😙👍

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