Vegan French Food Avec Maman


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  1. Omg YUMMM!! 🙌🏼❤️❤️ thanks for sharing the recipe links! I want to make this whole meal after I get back from my trip. You should try the follow your heart vegan cheese, in my opinion it is WAY better than daiya, which gets slimey/stretchy. FYH melts so well and doesnt have that weird “vegan cheese” flavor daiya does.

  2. Miam! By the way the «  quiche » was a never seen quiche for me lol . If you taste French baguette you won’t ever be satisfied with American bread ! Hope I get to see you maybe when you come to France . Je pourrais vous donner une leçon de français 😂❤️

  3. I literally just discovered that cooked spinach is so much easier to eat! And tastes great than eating raw. I always thought you destroyed the nutrients if you introduce heat…Now I can eat so much more spinach!!! XD

  4. Great video! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to run across these types of content. We produce Travel & Food movies too, throughout the world, and we are continually aiming for inspirations and perhaps vision. Thank You.

  5. This is my first video of yours I’ve watched and I loved it! What you did for your friend was SO nice and thoughtful, I would love it if a friend did that for me. And your mom is so cute on camera! ☺️
    PS: the duration of the video was the (vegan) icing on the cake. 👌🏽

  6. If you're going to paris you need to go to cloud cakes, vg pâtisserie (they have vegan croissants and pain aux chocolat) and tien hiang (amazing asian food, the dumplings, assortiment chaud and basically all their main dishes are so delicious)

  7. hahaha! omg your mom is sooooo fun and you two are so funny! The mini quiche looks super yummy!!!

    Your mom gives you anxiety but she gets the meal done! hahaha mine would just give me anxiety 😆😝

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