Vegan Dumplings Recipe (Japanese Gyoza)


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  1. I just made a few of these. I used baby bac choi because it's what I got from the farmer this week. I didn't want to buy tofu and I had lots of mushrooms to use up so I just used more mushrooms in place of the tofu. I almost skipped the squeezing step because it didn't look all that wet to me, I'm glad I didn't! I got a.lot of liquid out. The flavor was pretty close to what I am used to but there was too much texture. All of the gyoza/wontons I have had don't have a lot of texture these had crunch on the inside and that was too weird for me. Luckily I only made a few just to try it out before I wrapped them all. I went back and put the rest of my filling in the food processor. So hopefully that will help, also I didn't have potato starch so I used corn starch.

  2. I like this video sooo much! It's so simple and tasty! I used to try to search for Chinese vegan dumpling fillings, but they just use over complicated ingredients or cannot be seriously vegan. I am so satisfied watching this video!

  3. Yummy!!!!!👍😀 I like to do just hot oil and vinegar for my dipping sauce. Since I have Meniere's disease I have to really watch my salt intake or I have a vertigo episode. But I'm going to try these with little to no salt and I think the vinegar will be enough salt taste for me. Thank you for this recipe I can't wait to try it

  4. Do you guys have a favorite soy sauce? I always look for kikkoman. Locally, it's a little tough finding it and the packaging is pretty small. Thank you guys for the video. 🙂
    Edit: also, if you have suggestions for finding dashi online, I would really appreciate it 🙂

  5. Made these! So good! Your moms gyoza recipe is my go to now… and this one is just as good! I’ll admit I left out the tofu… I just can’t get my head around that stuff as much as I try 😕

  6. Looks fantastic! I live in the Pennsylvania Dutch area in Pennsylvania, so Amish type of foods are nastalgic for me. I love to eat shoofly pie. And I love pickled beets, and their pickled vegetables called chow chow. From Elaine

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