VEGAN CORNED BEEF – RED SEITAN RECIPIE – vegan roast beef | | Connie's RAWsome kitchen


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  1. I make my own videos and pay for all the product and put in the time to record and edit. Unlike you-you get paid for your videos all I care about is that people get to have a healthy selection of recipes that will benefit there health and lifestyle.

  2. You vegans are the strangest lot. You don't eat meat, you don't want other people to eat meat because it's "cruel," you don't want animals being killed to eat, but yet you eat "pretend" meat. So if you are REALLY against eating meat and LOVE your plant diet, you shouldn't be pretending to eat meat because then you're "pretending" to eat something from an animal. See how illogical that is? So if you're TRULY into being vegan, you shouldn't be promoting ANYTHING similar to meat at ALL if you're all into NO MEAT! Might as well make a big cow out of plants and then chop it up to eat. So in reality, you're hypocrites because you're promoting eating meat in another form. So really, you're mimicking the very thing you're against,  people eating an animal. That is truly insanity!

  3. Hi Connie, U are a vegan goddess!! I am making ur recipe and my loaf doesn't look as big as urs…why is that? What are the dimensions of ur loaf?

  4. Just a suggestion, instead of putting the beefless seasoning outside the loaf, why not mix the seasonings into the ingredients as you are making the loaf, that way the flavor will be infused into the loaf and not just outside. You can still put them outside the loaf if you want .

  5. vegan corned beef… your body is clearly craving meat.. thats why you are making this shit. I don't eat meat myself but if you are eating things exactly like meat its your body telling you it wants it. What is in the middle of transitioning like a few months? a year?

  6. I love you Ms. Connie! Yah sent you to help a remnant. Thank you for all you do to help & inspirer us to live healthier & better. I'm just like WOW! 😱😱😱

  7. This was so good, I had been wanting a reuben, it was perfect, made one for myself and my daughter for lunch. It was really great with mustard on a slice of bread too. It didn't last long, even my meat eating husband loved it. Winner

  8. Amazing video! I’m a new subscriber learning about alternative recipes I’m vegetarian 9 months now. Many Blessings unto you, family, and subscribers! My digestion better with finding alternative to the American documented fatty diet! Much research on the digestion of food I’m working on my doctorate have seen many studies…❤️👍😒🤘🏿💕🔥👵✈️🙏🏃🌍✨💪⭐️🥬

  9. Hi Connie just wondering what you used to wrap the seitan in please. Thank you for being you😍 I love your doll art too. You are so gifted in many ways, thank you for shaing😙

  10. I made this recipe a few days ago, but changed up the spices and used tomato in place of beets, it turned out amazing! I did mine in the slow cooker and it was the perfect texture. I had the best corned beef and rye sandwiches. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  11. … although nitrates do occur naturally in veggies like celery. Even commercial hot dog manufacturers who want an animal product they can sell to uninformed consumers, are using celery juice instead of nitrates, and explain somewhere on the label that it's "naturally occurring." I'd bet they process it somehow to standardize it and stabilize it, or something else. It's still mystery meat, though. In health food stores they do sell cold cuts and weenies without nitrates. But seitan is still so much better and kinder and you control your ingredients.

  12. This is an AMAZING recipe! It took way too long to cook, but was TOTALLY worth it 🙂 ! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Best Seitan I have ever eaten, and my husband thinks I'm a kitchen goddess! Forget the other guy, he has to carry it in his own conscience. You are RAWSOME!

  13. OMG, Connie! Thank you so much! I have a 12 year old grandson who loves meat. Yesterday, St. Paddy’s Day, he wanted corned beef and cabbage and mashed potatoes, “not vegan!” His other grandparents are Scottish and have made that for him. They moved back to Scotland so no more meat for him. I ordered it for him. He didn’t like it barely ate the meat. I made this tonight. He practically ate the entire thing! Only four slices left. I ate one. Hubby are one. He LOVED it! I LOVE you! Made my year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

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