Vegan Coconut Cake Cupcakes Recipe – Vegan Dessert Recipes – Coconut Cake


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  1. My niece and I made this cake last night 5/11/18. It was delicious! We added crushed pineapple between the layers and it added some extra yum. We will always use this recipe for our coconut pineapple cake. Thank you

  2. Thanks so much for this recipe! Very fun video and great explanation in the description box!!! I have little experience with baking cakes, but the way you explained it and everything gave me confidence to try!

  3. I just found this recipe recently and I must say that it is fabulous.  I have now made cakes/cupcakes based on this recipe multiple times and each time it is a winner.  On one occasion I used lemon extract instead of vanilla, and it makes a delicious lemon cake.  This recipe produces a cake that is delicious and luscious – someone who ate a slice described it as velvety.  This is my new go to.  Thanks for a great recipe.

  4. My housemate made this cake for my birthday and it was fantastic. She made fresh applesauce by just blending up peeled and cored apples. the flavor of the apples was hardly noticeable, but the coconut flavor was great. Maybe next time I'll make a 'Lamington' version with melted chocolate and coconut flakes on top. Thanks for this receipe!

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