VEGAN Christmas Recipes pt 2 – Vegan Steak Pie – Holiday Dinner Recipe


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  1. I am making this to bring with me to my family's for Christmas! Along with the accordion potatoes for the Get Healthy for the Holidays series:) it's hard being vegan during the holidays especially when your family isn't very supportive of it but thank you for making it so much easier with your recipe videos! I love your videos so keep it up! 🙂

  2. This looks very good! I had never considered making a meatless pie, but I am tempted to try this. I haven't been able to find Gardein meatloaf, but I do have access to Gardein beefless bites which may make an interesting substitute.

    Here's a tip that I use for pie crusts. I roll my pie crust out onto parchment paper, and ensure that it isn't too floured, rather just enough not to be sticky. The parchment helps with transporting the soft/brittle dough, and a moist (but not sticky) crust allows for easier shaping as you can add and re-roll sections until you have a large enough circle that will become the top and bottom of the crust!

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