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  1. What are the carrots for did you always put carrots in your tuna salad because I never did. Are used finely chopped celery and onion salt pepper and the Pinch of Sugar that's what makes Deli and sandwich shop tuna taste so good is little tiny dab of sugar. This really isn't tuna salad done two ways it is tuna salad sandwiches done two ways. I thought they were going to be too recipes for the tuna not too sandwiches with the same recipe.

  2. The problem with "that big" of a PEPPER GRINDER, is no matter how VOLUMINOUS your CUPBOARDS are, he thing's always too tall, there's just nowhere to stick it all the way in there, so it's never quite "out of sight", as it were. So it's left out on the counter-top, always looking so forlorn. Unless of course, you've got "That BIG" of a kitchen cupboard? I've never seen a cupboard that large, touch wood – and I've moved around a lot. Though I suppose they're out there – "there's something for everybody" as the saying goes. I've certainly seen some old pepper grinders like that in second hand stores, kicking around with 1970s movies on VHS tape, tacky clothes & frizzy wigs – thing is, you just know that, given that they wouldn't fit in any practical NORMAL sort of cupboard, and that they've sat around on the counter, well you just know they've come in contact with … animal products, animal parts, whatever you wanna call it….. No seriously though, they just don't fit anywhere, and even when they're tucked away in a tidy kitchen you can always see the bottom half of the things hanging out in the breeze, which is just well, depressing. From MY point of view anyhow. Surely from the pepper-grinder's point of view, if you know what I mean. We all like a bit of spice in our life, but – you just know that kinda thing can only find proper use with a whole lotta beef – which is to say some old dead COW somewhere. Fill in the blanks with some rude jokes about those who grew up in the more rural farming environs, etc etc. No really though – some real "meat & potatoes" types. And heck, even when I ate meat, going back some 25yrs or more, even THEN I enjoyed a bit of variety…..

    Hmmmm – maybe I shouldn't mixed up my own personal history in the same paragraph with all of those mixed metaphors….

    Meh – what's the harm? Think what you like, I say.

    But on that note, know THIS: when somebody's putting it out there, that they're looking for "That Big" of a pepper-grinder? One can't help but make the immediate connection that, well – "here is a person with one truly, cruelly, VOLUMINOUS cupboard"!

    All things being relative, & all that….

  3. I tried making this but the canned chickpeas were so hard. The texture was off-putting, but it was the same as in your video, so I don't think the chickpeas were the problem. Is there another, softer bean that would work well as a substitute?

  4. So glad I found your channel! I've been vegan for a few years but have been lazy with cooking . Tried your rice wrap bacon this morning and planning to make this tuna salad for lunch! Thank you for making these recipes accessible and delicious! #subscribed

  5. Delicious recipe! I used nori instead of kelp and mustard instead of mayo and it turned out great. I also added finely diced red onion, which (in my opinion) takes it to a whole different level 🙂

  6. I made this. I didn't have pickles, so I used rice vinegar and maple syrup. I also added dill, mustard, and black pepper. I used to love my grandma's tuna sandwiches with lots of black pepper. This was phenomenal. I added so much nori. Haha. Still came out great.

  7. Now, I'm not vegan, and I don't find motivation for trying to become one (Because I just like the taste of meat and yes, I am fine with killing babies and eating dogs if that wasn't a weird thing to do socially) but this looks like something I'd have no second thoughts about chowing down on.

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