VEGAN BBQ PORK BUNS / CHAR SIU BAO / 叉燒包 | Recipe by Mary's Test Kitchen | COLLAB w/ THE VIET VEGAN


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  1. Wow. These look amazing. I never thought this could be done since there doesn't seem to be a lot of vegan pork substitutes on the market but I've been happily proven wrong.

  2. I was wondering if there was a way to make vegan soup dumplings. Given everything one would have to do, it would be a challenge, I'm sure. But would it be possible for the home chef, I wonder.

  3. I don't know why info this to myself. It's the middle of the night, I haven't eaten a thing all day, and I end up watching your videos now! At least I know what I'm going to do tomorrow.

  4. Im going to make it at the moment i'll recieve my wheat gluten!!! Not going to add any food coloring ti mine cuz i think it looks much better when its brown (red makes me think of blood. No thanks haha)

  5. Mary thank you so flipping much for sharing this recipe and teaching us how to make these ! It reminds me of going to a dim sum restaurant in China town in SF ! What a delicious awesome treat! I was wondering if you have ever tried making it GF because we don’t eat gluten hardly ever and really we want to go completely GF. I don’t know if you read and or respond to your comments, obviously not all of them but this one I hope you will see and just let me know at the very least that you have read it! I have heard you say that your hands are in such pain that it is very difficult to kneed flour batter etc. 😕 I feel I would be remiss in not telling you something that changed our life that I think could possibly relieve some pain for you! My husband is a very talented guitar player and has been practicing and gigging and teaching for many years! At one point about 6 or 7 years ago his hands became very painful to move and therefore he couldn’t play his guitar which you can imagine is devastating, crushing I can’t even tell you how hard it was for him.🙁We go to Western Drs. and Wholeistic chiropractor nutritionist Reiki Master healer etc. etc.Drs. Our , let’s call her a Wholistic Dr. Anyway, our brilliant Wholistic Dr. did many things on many levels but wasn’t finding out what was causing so much pain in his hands, so my husband went to the Western Dr. and suggested that he immediately get surgery on his hands and you can imagine how that didn’t sit right for him and he went back to our Wholistic Dr. and she had come up with him going GF immediately and she felt that GF would do the trick, so he went GF and within a month he had no pain or stiffness in his hands and was playing better than ever! Talk about being extremely grateful, oh my goodness! I know it is much easier now than it was 6 or7 years ago to live a GF life, so starting up now on that level wouldn’t be so difficult! SO MARY, I don’t know if you have tried that yet, and you do “need” to give it some time BUT I love your channel and love your personality, expertise, content and all of the heartfelt effort that you put into your channel! Thank you! I hope if you haven’t tried GF that you would give it a go and see if it does that same thing that it did and does for my husband for you! ❤️🖐❤️

  6. Not sure if you ever test out Mexican food, but it would be AWESOME if you could make up a good recipe for Vegan Menudo!! It was my favourite food of all time. I miss it sooo much! 😭 the broth is easy to make, its just trying to find a good substitute for the sticky, collageny, tripe.

  7. I made these and was glad that I did! They were delicious! Probably the best seitan recipe I’ve made yet, with no wheaty aftertaste. Thanks for the recipe😃

  8. This is freakin INSANE! Well done! 👏🏼They look delicious! I love how explicit you are with your explanation and how you offer other cooking methods, if we don’t have certain appliances. Keep it up! 👍🏼

  9. in process of making this recipe. Thanks so much for sharing! Although i had to sub a few ingredients out. Switched the mushrooms with zucchini from the garden and didnt have maltose so i used some organic honey.. hopefully comes out well without maltose and the wine.

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