Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Diet | Tomato Soup Recipe by Sandhya Koya – YummyOne


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  1. Koncham aena alochana vundali video chasina vallaki…… Tomato rojuki 1 mathrama thisukovali…. Nuvvu Amo tomato la tho soup antanav andhukamma janaalani pichhollani chastharu… Mundhu Nuvvu VRK gari diet total gaa study chaaye ….Sara Naaa…..

  2. S this is not veeramachineni diet soup…pls dont use vrk garu for ur business and dont play with others health….telin8vallu nijame ankuni chestaru.vallaki result rakapote blame ayedi veeramachineni sir….cheap tricks yo promote channel

  3. Tamota soup and carrot soup should not take, avoid tamota soup.. only one tomato is limit per day. .. This is not in the list of veeramachaneni ramakrishna garu diet

  4. This is not vrk sir diet plan..he told to make all mix vegetable soup with only 1 tomato max ..pls dont mislead people ..and folks who ever is doing vrk diet plan pls listen to his full video min 3hrs once healthy and take care …

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