Ultimate Chinese Salt & Pepper Squid


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  1. I think there is a misinterpretation and mistranslation of the dish, which I see in most English recipes. This is a Cantonese dish, the "pepper" in the name refers to green and red hot pepper not white peppercorns and definitely not black peppercorns. We rarely use black peppercorns in our cuisine. The "salt" refers to 淮鹽, five spiced salt. Your dish would be called Black Pepper Squid in China… which doesn't exist anyway. So do some research before you want to call it a Chinese dish.

  2. I love your channel. I am a diabetic and I control the disease through low carb diet. I am constantly searching for low carb alternatives to recipies and Youtube is my almost exclusive resource for those searches. Sometimes I am dismayed at the carboloads that are added to naturally healthy low carb foods and ingredients. I therefore try to imagine how dishes would turn out as the result of decarbing them. I would encourage all chefs to begin to include more of this kind of information for their viewers. I would be so pleased if some of my favorite online chefs would follow this new trend. Certain ones do and they are gaining much in populatity and credibility. Thanks again for this dish it is one that I found easy to adapt for the low carb life that I must now lead.

  3. Marion, you can kick the quality of your salt-mix up a few notches by roasting the spices IN the salt before grinding, rather than grinding the roast spices with “raw” salt. Trust me, it makes a big difference.

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