UGRAMM | Kannada Full Movie HD | With Subtitles in English | Roaring Star Srimurali | Haripriya


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  1. OM.. Kariya..Ugram …KGF…This Four Movies…..Even Today….its Not Boring At All…. After … Years Later… Watching Numbers of Time's ..Tooo….. Ever.. Green Movies All Time. Every Time…….Each Time….. jai Karnataka…..

  2. I'm really trying to enjoy this movie but I'm sorry it's just crap, nothing like kgf. KGF is way better. I dont understand the comments here saying this is better. I'm 1:14 mins in

  3. Same things followed in kgf, hero follows orders from mother
    Hero doesn't care about people he cares about his legacy in that path he somehow saves people , this point is different from other movies
    Hero always inspires from his childhood lines

  4. Ugram 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 innondu movie ithara baroke sadyane illa,, dialogue, screen play, bg music, songs, story, acting, comedy, fight, curiosity, thriller, crime whaaa….
    in ❤️ with 🔥 UGRAM-AGASTHYA 🔥 watched many ttiimmeess….

  5. In comment section everybody is telling .this movie should be in pan india movie..but its not perfect for pan indian movie…because cinematography is not good…but kgf is lit,🔥🔥🔥 but not this movie.

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