Twice-cooked pork – Chinese Recipes – UKTV Food


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  1. The title is incorrect thoug, thi sis a complete variation of what twice cooked pork belly should be lol… it is terrible in comparison to the real deal.. THis is a travesty, please change the title.

  2. The reason he puts the pork in before the oil is hot is to stop it from scorching. It allows the fat to render and release it's juices, otherwise you end up with burnt fat on the outside and very chewy fat on the inside.

  3. @thailandajarn Yes, he needs to read Kenneth Lo book "Wok Cookery" ,as this is nothing like Sichuan double-cooked pork-no hoisin sauce no red soya paste? – "non-starter"!
    (though it probably tastes okay)

  4. WHAT ? on earth was that ???? I wont pretend to be a professional myself by any means but what a complete mess ! He literally did everything wrong ! absolutley awful, everything was done backwards.

  5. This should read "How To Make A Pig's Ear Of A Great Dish" I live in Sichuan – showed this vid to some Chinese friends, yesterday…they're still rolling on the floor laughing. Nothing is right about this…literally.

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