Turkish Sauteed Chicken Recipe – Vegetable Saute with Chicken


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  1. Looks delicious but the chicken would be beyond overcooked. I would have removed it from the pan when starting the carrots and then I would put it back in only for the last few minutes of cooking. Otherwise, this would be so tasty!!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I like how simple it is. I know I prefer my mushrooms not so mushy and unrecognizable, and I would probaby put those in just before the 20 minute cook, and the onions would do in with the carrots. I think each persons personal preference most likely dictates the order inwhich one cooks their vegetables. Again thanks! Oh and p.s. I notice a recipe online for the red pepper paste. So easy to make at home, homemade.

  3. is this the order to putt the vegetables? why dont we putt mushrooms and zuchini at same time, and why oignons and red pepper after? this receipe take for ever, seems good, but mushrooms cooking for 40 minutes? red pepper pasta is not available here so tomato pasta is ok?

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