Turkey Tips | Holiday Dinner Recipes


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  1. Hi Sara Lynn, I followed your instructions to a 'T' including cooling the breast before applying the seasonings and butter soaked cheesecloth and my 26 pound turkey came out perfectly! TYFS X

  2. Yall better season that turkey!!! Watchu mean salt n pepper lol mix up some peeled garlic,a little onion, a little green pepper, seasoned salt and/or bouillon, cayenne pepper, italian seasoning and let that marinate overnight!!! Lol

  3. Sarah, I've never done the cheese cloth with butter method. When do you remove it? In your video you show basting and it doesn't appear that there is cheese cloth on the turkey? Just wondering if I should leave it on all throughout the cooking of the turkey?

    Thanks for all the great tips!

  4. I love your videos so much. You give great details & everything I've tried from you comes out amazing. Keep up the wonder work. PS- you're so close to a million subscribers. So exciting😀

  5. wonderful keep up the great work i loved it thanks so much! i really enjoyed the video! i have a few ideas for you id love to see do some instructional and fun ideas, food shopping hauls, cook and eat a suckling pig in oven, turkey sandwich picnic, boiled lobster, honey baked ham,showing u making and eating a turkey sandwich on wheat bread and roasting a tom turkey the whole process and then a leftover sandwich version? thanks be well 🙂

  6. Could you show how to cut/ break down the turkey into portions? The turkey looks beautiful on the table, but how do you make it easily accessible to ur guests?

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