Turkey Tetrazzini – THE ORIGINAL CLASSIC RECIPE (Vintage Retro French American Fusion Dish)


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  1. This comment isn't as much for Chef as it is for my fellow subs… This here is one of the easiest dishes on this site, I know, I know. I came in skeptical too. That's why I made this. It's been gone less than a day now because you can reheat this so easily and my family is already asking me practically begging me to make Turkey Tetrazini again (filed in my mind under shit I never thought I would hear ever) .Forget whatever your grandma fed you a week after thanksgiving. THIS IS NOT THAT. It's shockingly delicious.

  2. I had been wanting to try this dish for a long time, because it's not really all that difficult, it just takes some time . Let me tell you what my man. THIS HERE is absolutely delicious. This isn't some Campbells cream of mushroom leftover turkey from the dried out bird concoction that so many people's Grandmothers fed them that makes them think they don't like turkey tetrazini. I just ate this for lunch. If anybody happens to be perusing the comments on this dish to see how it went . Make it. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

    Thanks Chef Greg, Chef Arbogast would be pleased.

  3. Thank you for sharing your local dish with us. I love it when people show their local cuisine. It gives you an impression about their culture and history. It looks delicious. This channel helped me a lot this year. It improved my skills in the kitchen and inspired me a lot. I'll even be making two of your dishes for christmas dinner this year. I usually was the guy that could only cook eggs and make some pasta and barbeque. Thank you and merry christmas!

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