Turkey Matzo Ball Soup – Leftover Turkey Soup Recipe for Thanksgivingukkah


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  1. Matza ball (Kneidlah) is… ok. It's tasty, but other than this and 'gefilte fish' I wish the world knew about some of the incredibly delicious Jewish food out there, like Hraime (you would go nuts!) or Jahnun (heart attack on a plate that is so worth it)), or Makroud etc. But I do like kneidlah.

  2. For the matzo balls, I have been using this recipe since it first came out. Except I do use the traditional chicken fat and I don't waste money on matzo meal and just grind a few matzos in a food processor. With those minor substitutions, I can say that they are the best matzo balls I have ever had – better even than what my Grandparents make or what I had in other Jewish households.

  3. Correction: Matzoh meal is not cracker meal. It is matzoh ground up. Matzoh consists of (drum roll) flour and water. That's it. No salt in it unless it is not to be used for Passover. It can be used also for breading chicken cutlets and the like.

  4. I hate to kvetch, but feh! One bissela kleyne matzoh ball? Listen, don't be a shnorrer, and serve me at least three or I'll give you a zetz in the kishkes 😉

  5. I notice you enjoy using cayenne pepper a lot in your dishes. Is this because cayenne pepper is a good universal seasoning to spice any dish up with or do you just enjoy it that much? Love your videos btw.

  6. I am now sure bouillon has the same etymology as bullion, it is the most precious food ingredient when prepared the Chef John way. The cheapest too, with left-overs!  😉

  7. In German, Schmalz is the word for any kind of animal or butter fat. So you could definitely call it turkey schmalz unless you want to use the exact Yiddish meaning which I don't know at the moment. 

  8. Ok, so I have a question.  I'll be really surprised if this gets answered, however, I'll throw it out there.  Now, I followed this recipe darn near to the "T".  The only thing I left out was the fresh herbs at the end.  This soup turned out absolutely amazing.  Never tasted a soup like it.  Here's where my question comes in: I had lots of left-overs that I covered in an air-tight container with pretty much no room at the top.  The next day, when I went to put some in a container for work, the whole thing was a big jelly mold.  Why is that?  I know there's some fat, and chilled fat becomes gelatinous, but I wouldn't think the whole thing would turn into a super solid jelly mold.  I reheated it and it did liquify, and was still super tasty.  Hope you can answer this.  Thanks! 

  9. i think im spending my whole night watching your recepies .. Love the way its explained, very entertaining and everything looks soooo delicious. I might go have a 1am snack later on because of you 🙂

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