Tuna Master Kuniaki Yoshizawa Serves an Entire Omakase out of Bluefin Tuna — Omakase


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  1. At a time where bluefin tuna are scarce, I commend the fact that the bluefin is farm raised. However, one can personally tell you when it comes to taste, there’s nothing quite like “wild caught”. As evident in the video, the toro has the characteristic pink color to it, but it lacks the marbling throughout which is what gives tuna it’s sought after “melt in your mouth” feel while adding to the flavor (and price) as well.

  2. Best place in New York city for fresh sashimi. They have fish market inside the restaurant which you'll not find anywhere in NYC. A must visit place for great experience of Japanese food.

  3. Tuna here is amazing and spectacular!! I had the grilled tuna collar and fatty tuna sashimi and both tasted divine! The collar with ponzu sauce was very satiating and the fatty sashimi melted in my mouth just like butter! Delicious, delicious, delicious!!! 😋😋😋

  4. Always a little
    Sad to see such a magnificent creature end up like that . Majestic power and strength in the water . But my respect goes to the chefs who make use of every part of the tuna . That said , I’m very unimpressed with Japan’s decision to begin whaling again . Why can’t we bloody leave them alone . I really do not understand the desire to hunt such an incredible species into extinction . Because that’s what will happen . Like everything else on the planet , man/ women kind , can’t admire beauty . We have to hunt the species , trash their habitat . Every one of nature’s wonders being destroyed in quick succession . Seas poisoned and fished empty , jungles and Savannah’s destroyed for logging and land . Artic ocean awash with oil spilled by wells . We really don’t learn so we . Meanwhile everyday people get hit with a emissions charge for driving a car . Talk about band aid on a wound in need of 50 stitches .

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