Total Greek Yoghurt Healthy Pancake Recipe


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  1. Great recipe !!! I love it .. Just want to adress the problem with Face yogurt that is made with GMO milk .. I substituted it with any organic yogurt

  2. I've no idea where I went wrong with these. Ended up having to add a bit of almond milk to make the mixture runnier. It was too thick and lumpy and just stuck to the pan. I used the exact ingredients minus the vanilla?? :/

  3. I've made these before from your site and they are delicious πŸ™‚ Coconut oil is the best for pancakes I find as well – it doesn't burn halfway through cooking like some others do

  4. Hi Nic, can I ask you what type of camcorder are you using ? I am looking for one to make videos as well but have no idea which one to buy. Thanks.
    PS will try your recipe !

  5. Total Greek Yogurt is so expencive here in The Netherlands. It's €3,00 voor 500g. I got a different brand (Katharos) which is also 0% fat and that costs me €0,99 for 500g.

    And you use a non-stick pan cause it won't stick but you also use enough oil? What is the use of the non-stick pan? #confused πŸ˜‰

  6. Great to see your channel grow so much, I remember when you started it!

    These look great! Where did you get your huge tub of total? Looks bigger than 500g

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