Tortellini in Brodo, Italian recipe, Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. excellent !!!    LOL, thought you mentioned it was going to be a slimmed down version?   the meats were a bit too fatty for me.  I would have, and have used chicken or lean grass fed beef.  I like the way you assemble it

  2. Ciao Gianni, what a considerate and generous host you are! To do all that tortellini work to accommodate your vegan friends, as well as us carnivores 🙂  The simplicity of using the very fresh and best ingredients makes your recipes a cut above others.

    In times past I have been caught ought while feeding a wedding party because I did not inquire as to the dietary preferences (or allergies) of the guests, so while most enjoyed the barbecue, a few were stuck with only crudités and fruit (luckily no allergies came forth 😉

    I'd like to take a stab (pun intended) at the brand of chef knife you are using…It looks like a Forschner-Victorinox  10 inch chef knife, just like I use…a great blade for the buck!   If I'm wrong, please enlighten me 🙂

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